Gear Oil GL-5

pour Automotive
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Gear Oil GL-5 are automotive gear lubricants suitable for API GL-5 applications.



  • Gear Oil GL-5 products are designed for use in automotive hypoid drive axles, steering systems, non-synchronized transmissions and transaxles which require a fluid with API GL-5 performance. 
  • The friction characteristics of Gear Oil GL-5 products make them generally unsuitable for use in synchronized manual transmissions and transaxles, and they should not be used in these applications unless a GL-5 fluid is specifically recommended.



  • Proven additive system offers reliable EP protection to critical components against scuffing and wear 
  • Low temperature fluidity promotes rapid oil circulation during cold start-up, helping protect system components 
  • Robust shear stability helps ensure viscosity is maintained throughout oil service life



Viscosity Grade
SAE 80W-90
SAE 85W-140
Bosch TE-ML 08
US Military MIL-L-2105D


[1]  List formerly administered by ZF. Products meeting the necessary performance requirements are approved for use, but there is no product listing.