Seal of approval

Seal of approval

An array of Texaco Lubricants products have made quite an impression of late. Over the last year, five products across three ranges have been awarded with approvals from some of the most prominent OEMs in the world.

Most recently, Texaco Havoline ProDS V SAE 0W-30 received BMW’s Longlife-04 approval. Dating back almost 20 years now, the BMW Longlife 04 engine oil specification was issued in 2004 by BMW for diesel vehicles with and without diesel particulate filters and has become much more stringent in recent years. In the European Union, Switzerland and Norway, the approval also applies to some petrol engines. For details on which engines are applicable, refer to the car’s manual.

Another product within the Havoline range has recently obtained a high-profile approval. Texaco Havoline ProDS RN SAE 5W-30, a premium performance synthetic engine oil, now carries the Mercedes-Benz 226.52 approval. The product’s mid-sulphated ash, phosphorous, and sulphur (SAPS) technology helps with the reduction of exhaust emissions, as well as with the protection of catalysts, gasoline, and diesel particulate filters. This was a key factor toward being awarded the approval, with the MB 226.52 specification meeting stringent fuel economy requirements.


Back in November 2022, Texaco Delo 400 XSP-SD SAE 5W-30 was awarded with the Scania LDF-4 approval. The Scania LDF-4 (Long Drain Field Test) approval ensures that vehicles are operated with the required oil quality. This approval was granted after Scania, a major commercial vehicle manufacturer, undertook tests which determined that Texaco’s high performance synthetic heavy duty engine oil met the transport solution provider’s criteria to be used in its vehicles. These tests saw the oil tested in engines for 155,000 km in long haulage, before the engine parts were drained and examined. The same product received further endorsement from truck and engine manufacturer, MAN, earlier in 2022, with MAN awarding Delo 400 XSP-SD SAE 5W-30 with its MAN M3677 approval. 

In recent months, MAN has also given their seal of approval to products from other Texaco lubricant brands. Texaco HDAX 9500 gas engine oil has been granted MAN truck and bus’ M 3271-5 approval for natural gas, sewage gas, biogas, wood gas or landfill gas fuels applications, with a 3-way catalytic converter, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalytic converter or oxidation catalytic converters. In order to earn the approval, the product had to undertake a successful field trial, after which critical engine parts were examined and rated.