Taking the heat

Taking the heat

As a general rule of thumb, coolants protect engines from overheating. They are tasked with preventing damage to vital components such as the water pump, radiator, hoses, engine block, head gasket, and the cylinder liners.


Here at Texaco Lubricants, we offer a range of coolants. As time progresses and the industry moves forward, so too must our product portfolio. In line with up-to-date legislation restricting the use of 2-ethylhexanoic acid (2-EHA), we have introduced a new Texaco branded range of coolants. Step forward the Texaco EGX antifreeze/coolant.

Introduced in September 2023, the EGX antifreeze/coolant range is a concentrate and premixed premium coolant that is designed to help provide year-round frost protection and good corrosion protection. The range is also formulated to help protect against boiling in the most extreme conditions in passenger car and heavy-duty applications, helping to enable consistently effective cooling.

More than a like-for-like replacement for Texaco Havoline XLC, the product is an upgrade on the previous coolants within the Texaco range. Containing Organic Additive Technology (OAT), Texaco EGX has been formulated with a component that neutralises flux residues, helping to prevent the formation of gels or deposits in the cooling system.

An additional benefit is the coolant’s improved high temperature oxidation stability. Not only does this help to reduce the formation of glycolate, formate, and oxalate, but it also helps control the formation of engine deposits and leads to a smaller reduction in the pH value.

The EGX range can be used in engines that have been manufactured from cast iron, aluminium, or combinations of both metals, and in cooling systems comprising aluminium or copper alloys. Particularly effective in modern engines where high temperature aluminium protection is an important factor, the product is suitable for use in battery electric vehicles in passenger car and heavy-duty applications, where there is no requirement for low electrical conductivity.

Relatively new to the market, the Texaco EGX antifreeze/coolant is capable of helping to fulfil the needs of industrial and professional applications, as well as catering for motorists. Watch this space, this is a premium coolant worth keeping a close eye on.