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Whether you're running a high capacity power generation system or a compressor station in a remote region where unscheduled maintenance downtime rapidly impacts on the bottom line, Texaco HDAX products help deliver dependability and reliability you need – while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).


When the going’s tough, choose a tough gas engine oil

The Texaco HDAX gas engine oil range features oils designed for protection against engine wear, corrosion, oxidation, and harmful deposit formation, in gas engines operating under arduous schedules and running on a variety of fuel qualities.

HDAX 9300 and HDAX 9500 exemplify the premium performance our customers expect, offering dependable extended oil drain performance for modern low oil consumption engines.


This reliable extended oil drain optimises uptime and production output because customers can synchronise oil drain periods with other maintenance service, even in engines operating under very tough conditions.

This saves time and money, and with the high performance engine protection and extended asset service life HDAX products offer, customers can benefit from significantly improved total cost of operation (TCO) and bottom-line business performance.