Havoline ProDS M SAE 5W-30

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Havoline ProDS M SAE 5W-30 is a premium performance synthetic mid SAPS engine lubricant specially formulated with advanced technology additives to meet demanding OEM specifications including MB 229.52 engine lubrication requirements.

Product strengths:

Ensures longer life of the particulate filter and three-way catalytic converter
Improves engine protection Formulated for cold start protection Combats deposits and dirt build-up
Minimizes oil consumption
Meets the stringent Mercedes-Benz 229.52 requirements for oxidation stability and fuel economy

Havoline ProDS engine oils with Deposit Shield technology protect the latest generation of low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles.
Made from high-quality, synthetic base oils and specifically developed additives, Havoline ProDS engine oils help proactively protect your engine from harmful deposits and wear by repeatedly applying the protective layer (Deposit Shield) that prevents harmful deposits from forming on critical surfaces in the engine and reduces wear.