Texaco VARTECH Industrial System Cleaner

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Designed with triple-action varnish removal technology. When added to the in-service oil at its end-of-life, VARTECH ISC works quickly and effectively to help you restore equipment to peak performance for outstanding reliability and productivity. It’s quick, effective and easy to use.


When it’s added to end-of-life, in-service oil, VARTECH ISC:

  • Cuts through hard varnish to remove it as micro-sized varnish particles
  • Captures varnish particles in a protective barrier to enable effective removal from the system without re-depositing on the equipment
  • Provides compatibility with in-service oil for optimum operational flexibility and system performance during the cleaning cycle


Pair it with a premium partner: GST Advantage™ products

Texaco lubrication experts have formulated a range of lubricants with VARTECH Technology to help protect operations across a number of industries. Our GST Advantage RO and GST Advantage EP turbine oils are developed to control the formation of varnish.